Customer terms of sale and delivery

The following terms of sale and delivery apply when OÜ RUEX reg.nr. 14338168 (KMKR EE102054750 , Tedre tee 18, 76905, Harku parish, Estonia) and the buyer has not entered into a written agreement.

1. Definitions

1.1 In these terms and conditions:

1.1.1 us - OÜ RUEX (registered office Tedre tee 18, 76905, Harku parish, Estonia) ;

1.1.2 you - the buyer of the goods from us;

1.1.3 agreement - these terms and conditions ;

1.1.4 goods - a product or service that you order from us;

1.1.5 price offer - an offer for the sale price of the goods made to you;

1.1.6 order - a purchase order submitted by you;

1.1.7 intellectual property rights - all patents, registered and unregistered designs, copyrights, trademarks, know-how and all other forms of intellectual property that are enforceable anywhere in the world;

1.1.8 website - our website https://www.ruex.ee or another website of OÜ RUEX .

2. Quotation, acceptance and invoice

2.1 We will issue a price offer for a special order in writing and it is only valid on the day the offer is made.

2.2 All current day price files are valid only on the day of issue.

2.3 All orders for goods are considered as an offer to purchase goods under these conditions.

2.4 We accept your offer to purchase the goods on these terms and conditions by issuing an invoice to you, at which point the contract between us will become binding.

2.5 The invoice is binding, unless there is a discrepancy between the invoice and the order and it is unacceptable to you - in which case you must notify us within three working days.

2.6 Although we do our best to deliver the items specified in your order, we may not be able to do so at any time because, for example, i) the goods are no longer produced or the goods are no longer available or ii) the wrong price was displayed on our website . In this case, we will inform you and give you the opportunity to order the goods at the right price or cancel the order.

2.7 We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. We therefore recommend that you regularly review the terms and conditions published on our website. Changes will take effect for orders placed after we have updated the terms and conditions on our website. The changes do not apply to orders placed before the changes are published on our website .

3. Booking of goods not in stock

Unless otherwise specified, quotations or order confirmations for goods not in stock can only be made if the goods are available, and all quotations are subject to the applicable import and export laws. In case of booking, we have the right to cancel the price offer and the order, and you do not have the right to make any claims to us in case of non-performance of the order.

4. Price and payment terms

4.1 The prices on our website include the package and VAT .

4.2 Unless we have agreed otherwise, you must pay the delivery costs and surcharges in force at the time of ordering.

4.3 Unless we have agreed otherwise, you must pay for the order by the due date indicated on the invoice , which is generally 100% in advance . You have the right to submit inquiries or objections within three working days from the date of issue of the invoice, otherwise the invoice will be considered accurate and payable. The disputed parts of the invoices must be paid for within three working days after the dispute has been resolved. Uncontested parts must be paid for as described above.

4.4 We have the right to demand interest on unpaid amounts from the due date until the actual payment of the amount and the interest rate is 0.1% per day . We have the right to assign our claims against you to third parties for the collection of claims.

4.5 The price discounts agreed with you are valid only if you pay the payment within the period specified in clause 4.3.

4.6 If, in our opinion, your financial situation does not allow you to offer these payment terms or if you have not fulfilled the payment terms of previous orders, we have the right to cancel outstanding orders, unless you immediately pay for all delivered goods and all outstanding orders.

4.7. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices and descriptions published on the website at the time of placing your order.

5. Description of goods

5 .1 The information provided on our website about the delivered goods is only informative and becomes binding if they are explicitly mentioned in your order and the order has been paid for by the due date indicated on the invoice.

5.2 Specific conditions made regarding your order, become binding only if they are expressly mentioned in your order 's confirmation. and the order has been paid for by the due date indicated on the invoice

6. Delivery time and delays

6.1 For all deliveries, the delivery condition is "delivered from the factory" (see International Chamber of Commerce publication Incoterms 2000).

6.2 The Order 's confirmation invoice provided the delivery date is just an estimate. Delivery time is not an important contractual term and we are not liable for any damages, fees or costs incurred directly or indirectly due to delays in the delivery of goods.

6.3 You, your employee or the person authorized to receive the goods on your behalf must accept and sign the deliveries.

6.4 Upon receipt of the goods, you must inspect and notify us of any missing, incorrectly delivered and incorrectly specified goods or goods that do not otherwise comply with the order, as well as goods whose packaging has been damaged or has obvious damage. Relevant information must be provided to the courier and to us in writing upon delivery and receipt of the goods. You must notify us of any hidden damage or defects in the goods within seven working days of delivery, otherwise you will be deemed to have declared the goods acceptable.

7. Transfer of risk

The risk associated with the goods will pass to you as soon as the goods in our warehouse are handed over to our or your courier.

8. Ownership

8.1 Ownership of the Goods will not pass to you until you have paid for the Goods and all other amounts due to us in full .

8.2 Until the transfer of ownership of the goods to you in accordance with clause 8.1, you agree to keep the goods in responsible storage. You must store the goods at your own expense separately from other goods in your possession, secure them and mark them in such a way that it is clear that goods are our property.

8.3 You may not resell items purchased from us without paying us in advance.

9 Cancellation of the order

For certain categories of goods, you may cancel the order or postpone execution at your own discretion and upon payment of a cancellation fee, provided that we have entered into a prior written agreement.

10. Return

10.1 Improperly ordered products are non-refundable. In special cases, if the products are unopened and in the original packaging, return is possible, based on a prior written agreement with OÜ RUEX. The return fee is 30% of the value of the product. Plus the recovery return handling fee, EUR 35. Discontinued products and special orders cannot be returned. If the logistic company that is used to transport the goods cannot deliver the goods to the address, submitted by the customer, because of the customer's fault, and/or, if the recipient of supply refuses to accept the goods, the return fee 30% of the price of the product to be added, as well as the return handling fee EUR 35. If rejected supply includes the goods that no more produced and/or, special orders, then the products will be sent to you again, because these products cannot be returned.

10.2 OÜ RUEX always replace products because of our error the wrong product is sent. Incorrect products must be reported within 1 day from the date you received the product. The notice must be sent in writing to info@ruex.ee.

10.3 All cancellations of orders must be sent to info@ruex.ee . Special orders for products and products that are not produced any more cannot be canceled. If the customer receives the product from the canceled order, it can be returned if there is written documentation and the product will be credited. Return of products is possible if it is agreed by OÜ RUEX . All the applications must be submitted via the web - www.ruex.ee . Products must be returned to our requested address, within 7 working days after confirmation received from OÜ RUEX. If the products are not returned to our warehouse within 7 working days, the application will be canceled . All returns must be sent in the original packaging, undamaged and unopened, at the customer's own expense and risk. If products are returned without OÜ RUEX confirmation, the products are sent back to the sender and the return handling fee of EUR 35 to be added. It is not allowed to write on the packaging neither put any stickers on the re. The sender is responsible for return of deliveries to the warehouse of OÜ RUEX .

11. Warranties

11.1 You must insure yourself that the goods are fit for their intended purpose.

1 1.2 The products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

11.3 You do not automatically have the right to repair or replace the goods without our consent. The goods are delivered with a guarantee provided by the manufacturer to us. You have no right to demand other product warranties from us.

11.4 Within thirty working days after the delivery of the goods, we are obliged to replace or repair the defective goods in condition that:

11.4.1 you notify us of the defect in writing within the specified time;

11.4.2 you return the defective goods to us;

11.4.3 after inspecting the goods, we make sure that the defects exist and that they are due to defects in material or assembly and not to improper handling or improper storage, negligence, repair, alteration or accident by the buyer.

11.5 Subject to clause 11.4, we shall not be liable for defects that have occurred during the return of the goods.

11.6 Clause 11.4 does not cover the software and we are not responsible for any errors or omissions in the software provided to you.

11.7 In any case we will not be liable for any damages resulting from a breach of these terms and conditions, or for consequential damages, including operating losses, unrealized savings or other claims brought against you by any person, even if we have been notified of such damages, losses or claims.

11.8 All returned defective goods that are not defective will be returned to you. We have the right to demand a fee for the return of the goods without defects, including compensation for the costs incurred by the manufacturer to inspect the goods.

12. Limitation of Liability

12.1 We are not liable for damage:

12.1.1 if we, our employees or representatives have not breached its legal obligations to you;

12.1.2 if the damage was not foreseeable upon receipt of your order;

12.1.3 to the extent that the increase in damage was due to your breach of contract.

12. 2 We are not liable for consequential damages, including loss of income or other consequential damages.

12. 3 Subject to clause 12.1, our maximum contractual, non-contractual (including negligence) and other liability to you is limited to an amount equal to twice the value of the ordered goods.

13. Intellectual property

13.1 We will reimburse you for all costs arising from a claim that the use of the goods we supply infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties in case if the manufacturer confirms its fault. In this case, we may recall the goods, exchange them or refund you (excluding depreciation).

13.2 You must notify us immediately in writing of any unauthorized use of the goods or infringement of intellectual property rights .

13.3 We will decide on the legal proceedings, negotiations and satisfaction of claims, and if the legal proceedings relate to the goods delivered to you, you must provide us with reasonable assistance in receiving such a request.

13.4 We will not reimburse the following:

13.4.1 change of the purpose of use of the goods without permission;

13.4.2 requirements arising from the use of the goods with products not supplied by us.

13.5 You must indemnify us for all claims relating to any intellectual property rights you have assigned or owns which are incorporated into the goods purchased from us.

14. Informing Customers

14.1 You must inform your customers of these terms and conditions which affect or may affect the purchase, use or sale of the goods, including intellectual property rights, including the manufacturer's warranties.

14.2 Use of the Goods may be subject to restrictions on use. You confirm that you will obtain additional information from us if the goods are intended to be used for purposes other than business or private use.

15. Images

The images published on our website are only illustrative and the actual goods may differ slightly from them.

16. Protection of personal data

16.1 We take the protection of personal data very seriously. We do not use the information you provide to us for any purpose other than to process your order or to inform you about our products and services that we believe may be of interest to you.

16.2 Your personal data will not be used for any other purpose and will be stored on a secure server and processed in accordance with the data protection laws in force in Estonia.

16.3 We and our other companies may use your personal information in accordance with this section. We make reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. Personal data will not be sold or passed on to third parties without your consent.

16.4 The information collected from you may include the following:

16.4.1 personal data, including your name, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, billing and / or delivery address;

16.4.2 financial information (eg your credit card details);

16.4.3 provide us with information that identifies you and how you use our website. This data is collected using cookies. A cookie is a small file that we send to your computer and then store it on your computer's browser or hard drive. It contains a b unique number, but no personal information. The data collected by cookies is not disclosed to third parties and is stored only for internal use.

16.5 If you do not wish to receive notifications about products and services from us, please notify us by e-mail at info @ ruex.ee

17. Termination

17.1 Either Contracting Party may terminate this Agreement if the other Contracting Party:

17.1.1 commits a material or repeated breach of contract;

17.1.2 does not eliminate the breach within 30 days of receiving written notice from the other party;

17.1.3 completely ceases all activities of the company or does so in a significant part;

17.1.4 goes bankrupt or is unable to pay debts by the due date.

18. Force majeure

We will use our best endeavors to fulfill our contractual obligations. We will not be liable for non-performance, late performance or contractual obligations if caused by circumstances beyond our control, to the extent caused by circumstances beyond our control. In case of delay, we will fulfill our obligations as soon as possible.

19. Notices

Notice given by either party to the other must be sent by e-mail, fax or post to the address of the other party indicated on the invoice confirmation of the order , or to another address notified in writing by the other party. If the notice is given by e-mail, unless it is proved otherwise, it shall be deemed to have been delivered on the day of dispatch, if by fax, on receipt of a valid transfer note, and if by post, under the normal postal service.

20. General

20.1 These terms and conditions (incl. Special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) can only be changed by written agreement of the parties.

20.2 If one or more provisions of this Agreement are held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this shall not affect or limit the validity, legality or enforceability of any other provision.

20.3 These terms and the contract between us shall apply to the legislation of Republic of Estonia and contract-related disputes may be resolved by the Estonian courts (ie, it is non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts).

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