• 22.0 kW / 32 A
  • 3 Phase
  • AC
  • charge lines
  • Type 2

  • Chargestorm Connected is the perfect solution for tenant-owner associations and companies as well as for home use

  • It’s service-friendly casing is easy to service and maintain

  • The display features clear symbols which show current status

  • Wall mounting is standard, pole mounting available as an option

  • 1-phase 16A up to 3-phase 32A in both outlets/charging cables

  • Charging power 1.4kW-22kW (1-phase 6A up to 3-phase 32A)

  • Type 2 outlet or fixed charging cable as standard, dual outlets/cables is possible to order. Schuko outlet is available as an option.

  • NanoGrid Load balancing available as an option

  • RFID is standard, always integrated

  • Can be connected with Ethernet or via 3G as an option

  • MID-Approved energy meter(s) is always built in

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